Have you ever struggled with communication in your marriage?

Do you ever look around and feel overwhelmed with how to start the conversation about sexuality and intimacy?

Are you desperately looking for a magic pill to make your marriage stronger?

The Ultimate Guide to

Improved Communication

and Intimacy in Marriage!

"A MUST READ for every couple on their

wedding anniversary."

-Naomi Whittaker, MD, MC, FCI

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You are not alone, my friend!

I was right there, where you are right now.

Standing there, feeling lost and overwhelmed.

It wasn’t pretty.  I can tell you that much.

In fact, if anything, it was heartbreakingly painful.

I needed a solution.

And I needed it yesterday.

I looked and searched and dug through pages of content.  I looked through marriage books and my teaching resources. 

I found the treasure of SPICE.

What is this treasure of SPICE I speak of?

SPICE is a holistic view of sexuality and marital communication.  SPICE stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative and Emotional.  SPICE views our sexuality as involving the whole person.  By using these different aspects of sexuality, couples can communicate in a way that leads to a more intimate and trust-filled marriage.

I was so excited to discover the treasure of SPICE.  But, I had a dilemma.

How do I implement this amazing treasure in my everyday life?  How can I unlock this treasure to benefit the couples I work with?

So, I did what everyone does and hit Google!

I did find some useful information, a few nuggets that gave me hope but did I find the magic pill I was looking for?


So, I did the next best thing.  Yes, I created my own magic pill.

I wanted simple, easy to use tools for improving communication in my marriage that I could use on day 1.  I wanted simple ways that could help me have deeper intimacy with my husband.  I wanted to help my clients experience the same improved communication and deeper intimacy in their own marriages.

The result?

SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage:

The No-Fluff, Easy-Action Guide to deeper intimacy in marriage.

Inside the pages of SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage,

you will find strategies and solutions that I have personally tried and tested. 

With these solutions, you can be sure you’ll discover:

A simple explanation of touch & true intimacy to help you better understand them as the foundation to a more intimate marriage.

How SPICE is the development of true sexual interaction which involves the whole person one to another and therefore makes sexuality multidimensional.

Detailed explanation of the different components of SPICE and sexuality - Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative and Emotional.

How to tap into each of the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative and Emotional aspects of sexuality to improve communication and build an intimate, joy-filled marriage.

Actionable steps and tools you can use on a daily basis to build a trust that leads to a liberating, loving and permanent communion in marriage.

But here's the beauty.  It isn't just me who's experienced these benefits.  Here's what some early readers of SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage had to say:

Liz Johnson, FCPI

"The honesty of Holly is evident with this SPICE booklet.  Very real, solid, useful examples of what it means to practice SPICE are included as well as their benefits."

Auriel Ganz

"I think it's wonderful! The SPICE concept is something more difficult to understand because it seem so opposite of society today.  But the way Holly portrayed SPICE, by adding her own personal experience, makes it very easy to understand and its importance."

Liz Escoffery, CFCP

"Author Holly Baril includes a wealth of open-ended questions and prompts to help initiate and spark discussions between couples.   This will definitely be a valuable, frequently consulted resource to me."

At $12, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage will be the most pocket-friendly investment you'll make to help improve communication and deepen intimacy in your marriage.

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Oh, I’m sorry!... Let me introduce myself.

My name is Holly Baril and I am passionate about helping women and couples build lasting marriages and families.

I am a Certified FertilityCare Practitioner which allows me to journey with women and couples along their fertility journey.  Sometimes this fertility journey can be challenging for a woman and couple.  This is especially true if they struggle with reproductive health issues such as infertility.  I offer couples tools that incorporate SPICE to help strengthen their marriage along their journey.

I have also learned firsthand how valuable SPICE and the tools that it offers can be for marriage.  Over the last 15 years of marriage, my husband and I have experienced our own ups and downs.  

We have had times of closeness and times of frustration and anger.

Time and again, we go back to SPICE and the tools provided in this eBook to help improve our own communication and intimacy.  

So, yes, I have had first-hand experience of the frustration, overwhelm and desperation that comes from lack of communication and intimacy in marriage.

And since I have a solution that works incredibly well… it’s only natural I want to share it with you.

Who Am I and Why Do You Need to Listen to Me?

Start Improving Communication and Building Intimacy in Your Marriage Today!

At $12, SPICE: A Guide to an Intimate Marriage will be the most pocket-friendly investment you'll make to help improve communication and deepen intimacy in your marriage.

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